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Course Overview

BCA is an exciting professional discipline offering numerous career opportunities. it is the fascinating and challenging field to develop oneself in IT Sector. After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application (BCA) there is a further educational opportunity to go for MCA i.e. Master Programme. This programme provides good working knowledge is Database and Internet applications.

Eligibility: 10 + 2

Course summary

The course duration of Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Program is a 3 years (6 semesters). The course also includes:

  • Provides a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer science.
  • Teaches professional competence in developing software and in its design and implementation.
  • Explains the analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications.
  • Provides practical skills to address problems in computer systems and applications.
  • Teaches sound presentation and communication skills needed in the IT industry.


Bachelor Of Computer Appliation: Course Overview

Subject Code Subject Name Exam 
BCA0E-101 Communication English Theory
BCA0F-101 Principles of Electronics & Digital Circuits Theory
BCA0C-101 Introduction to Internet  & ICT Technologies Theory
BCA0C-102 Problem Solving through ‘C’ Language Theory
BCA0C-103 Mathematical Foundations Theory
BCA0C-104 Computer Fundamentals Theory
BCA0C-105 PC Software Practicals
BCA0C-106 CC-101 Practical Practicals
BCA0C-107 CC-102 Practical Practicals

Subject Code Subject Name Exam 
BCA0E-201 Yogic Sciences Theory
BCA0F-201 E-Commerce & its applications Theory
BCA0C-201 Advanced Programming through ‘C’ Language Theory
BCA0C-202 Data Structures Theory
BCA0C-203 Database Management Systems Theory
BCA0C-204 Discrete Mathematics Theory
BCA0C-201 P BCA0C -201 Practical Practicals
BCA0C-202 P BCA0C -202  Practical Practicals
BCA0C-203 P BCA0C -203  Practical Practicals

Subject Code Subject Exam
BCA0E-301 Holistic Living Theory
BCA0F-301 E-Learning & its applications Theory
BCA0C-301 Relational Database Management System Theory
BCA0C-302 Object Oriented Concepts & Programming Theory
BCA0C-303 Operating System Concepts Theory
BCA0C-304 Basics of Networking Theory
BCA0C-305 Statistical Methods for Computing Theory
BCA0C-301 P CC-201 Practicals Practicals
BCA0C-302P CC-202 Practicals Practicals
BCA0P – 301 Mini Project Practicals

Course No. Subject Exam
EC-211 Disaster Management Theory
FC-211 E-Governance and its applications Theory
CC-211 Distributed Application Development Theory
CC-212 Open Source Technologies Theory
CC-213 System Analysis & Design Theory
CC-214 Computer Oriented Numerical Methods Theory
CC-215 User Interface Design Theory
CC-216 CC-211 Practicals Practicals
CC-217 CC-212 Practicals (Linux & Shell scripting) Practicals
PC-211 Mini Project  Practicals

Course No. Subject  Exam
EC-301 Digital Marketing Theory
FC-301 Management Information Systems Theory
CC-301 Computer Animation Theory
CC-302 Graphic Design Theory
CC-303 Advanced Networking Theory
CC-304 Elective – 1 (Either of the followings)

· Data Science & Analytics

· .net Programming with MVC Framework

· Python Programming

CC-305 Mobile System Development Part – I Theory
CC-306 CC-301 Practicals Practicals
CC-307 CC-302 Practicals Practicals
PC-301 Systems Development Project (Part –I) Practicals

Semester - 6
1H 30M Quiz

Course No. Subject Exam
EC-311 Social Networking & Applications Theory
FC-311 Soft Skills Theory
CC-311 Advanced Web Development Theory
CC-312 IT Infrastructure Management Theory
CC-313 Trends in Computing Theory
CC-314 Elective – 2 (Either of the followings)

· Virtualization Technologies

· Information Retrieval

· Service Oriented Architecture

CC-315 Mobile System Development Part – II Practicals
CC-316 CC-301 Practicals Practicals
CC-317 CC-302 Practicals Practicals
PC-311 Systems Development Project (Part –II)  Practicals

Start On March 23, 2016
Duration 3 Years
Level Bachelors
Course Name Bachelors of Computer Application
Branch Balaji College

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